Walking Socks

This sock is made with a terry loop cushion sole to increase both warmth and comfort.  The perfect sock for those seeking extra comfort when enjoying the country life.

You cannot beat alpaca socks for their warmth, durability, anit-odour properties,.  Our socks are extremley hard wearing , incredibly warm in wellies and boots, or soft and cosy in the home.   Due to their thermal properties they will keep you cool in summer and warm in the winter.

Our short walking socks have a lovely bouncy cushion sole which makes them ideal for hiking, walking, climbing or any demanding outdoor pursuit.  The cushioned sole helps stop blisters and keeps your feet warm.  These colourful socks are made from 75% alpaca and 25% nylon, the additional nylon makes them extra hard wearing. Thanks to alpaca's anti-bacterial and self-cleaning properties you could even wear the same pair of socks for a week - perfect for the longer hiking trip when luggage is at a minimum.


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Walking Socks Red
These colourful socks are extra warm.  Being 75% alpaca and  25% nylon makes them extra ha..
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